Midland offers a variety of fund raising ideas that are sure to bring high profits to your organization. We have fund raising for all seasons, from spring to winter and everything in between. Our fund raising programs feature many seasonal fund raising products including flower bulbs, wrapping paper, delicious gourmet foods, sweet candy treats, home decor and personal items, and a variety of cookbooks.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, simply ask your Midland Fund Raising Representative for more information and we can customize our programs for your organization. We are here to make your fundraising programs effortless! Click on any of our fund raising catalog covers to view contents.




Top Elementary School Fundraising Ideas!

These are some of our top fundraising ideas for Elementary school aged children. Children at this age will need some help from the staff and their parents with their fundraisers. This is a great age for fundraising since children are learning about individual responsibility and it is a time to build their self esteem. The students, staff and parents will be excited to offer these fun and successful fundraising products and Midland offers the children prizes and incentives for all the items they sell!

  • Colorful Spring Fundraising Catalog
  • This catalog offers a wide range of items from plant seeds to spa kits, even chocolates and items for fathers day, mothers day and gift wrap! Up to 55% profit for your organization.

  • Earth Day Fundraising Catalog
  • Make up to 50% profit while offering eco friendly and organic products. Items from soap and body lotion to organic cookies and candies, this is a fundraiser you can feel good about.

  • Pre-Portioned Cookie Dough Fundraiser
  • This is a great time saver! No need to get out the measuring spoon, this is pre-portioned cookie dough! Everyone will love the convenience of this catalog and your organization will love the 55% profit potential.

  • Art In Nature Fundraising Catalog
  • This is our newest catalog that offers 50% profit potential for your organization. 26 different types of flower bulbs from the Stargazer Lily to the beautiful Pastel Begonias are featured in this fundraising catalog.

  • Paige’s Pantry Gourmet Food Fundraiser
  • Gourmet foods from Robert Rothschild, Cujinos and more! From spreads to pretzels and mixed nuts, this fundraiser offers your organization up to 50% profit potential.

  • Pizza Card Fundraiser
  • Everyone loves a hot pizza! Offer discount cards to your community with this Pizza Card Fundraiser for only $5.00!

  • Ultimate Gourmet Catalog Fundraiser
  • 20 different items with a price range of $13 to $18 make this catalog a must for the variety of products offered and the 55% profit potential for your organization.

  • T-shirt Fundraiser
  • This is a fun and original fundraiser! Customized t-shirts with your organizations logo/message. A great fundraiser that your community will love.

  • Smencils Fundraiser
  • A 50% profit fundraiser. Made from recycled material, these scented pencils are an environmentally friendly product. Each case contains 10 buckets, each bucket contains 50 pencils, there are 10 fun scents!

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