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Beef Snacks Fundraiser

How do we get started?

Simply give us a call at 1-800-969-1255. It takes about 15 minutes to set up your fundraiser.

How much does a customer pay for each Beef Snack?

The suggested retail price of each Beef Snack is $1.00.

Can we offer Beef Snacks at a different price?

Yes, however, we do not recommend it. Our experience indicates that the suggested retail price is the optimal price point for maximizing your profits. Increasing or decreasing the retail price will increase your risk of losing potential profit.

How much do Beef Snacks cost?

Your cost is based on the number of beef snacks and the type that you purchase. The more your group sells, the higher the profit percentage.

*See profit calculator on Beef Snacks page.

How long do you suggest we run the fund raiser?

We suggest 2 weeks with a minimum of 2 week-ends in that time period.

How long does it take to receive our Beef Snacks once they are ordered?

Approximately 1 week.

Do we have to pay for the beef snacks upfront?

No, terms are offered with approved credit or a school district purchase order number.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, we have a low minimum order of 10 cases.

How many beef snacks come in a case?

It depends on the variety of Beef Snack you order.

How do we determine the number of cases to order?

We suggest 1 case for every 3 or 4 potential sellers in your organization.

Is there a shipping or handling fee?


Can we pre-sell beef snacks?

We do not offer a pre-order form for Beef Snacks. Each Beef Snack only cost $1.00, so groups are generally able to sell the quantities that they order.

What do we do with left-over product?

Our complete Step-by-Step guide will provide you with a plan to ensure that all case quantities are sold. Considering the beef snacks are only $1.00, typically customers easily buy the quantities that are ordered.

If we offer the Beef Snacks with another program, will the minimum order requirement or profit structure change?

Yes, there is a possibility that the minimums and/or profit structure may change. Please ask your Consultant for details.

Do you offer an incentive program?

We do offer incentive programs with our other types of fund raisers. However, because the Beef Snacks sell themselves, we typically do not offer incentives with the Beef Snacks.

Do you offer a Parent Letter?

We offer a Parent Letter Template that you can customize and print to promote your fund raiser!

Do you offer a complete "Step-by-Step" guide to help ensure everything goes smoothly?

Yes, our "Step-by-Step guide will walk you through every step from ordering to invoice!

Let us help you decide which style fundraiser will work best for your group or organization!

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