Midland offers a variety of fund raising ideas that are sure to bring high profits to your organization. We have fund raising for all seasons, from spring to winter and everything in between. Our fund raising programs feature many seasonal fund raising products including flower bulbs, wrapping paper, delicious gourmet foods, sweet candy treats, home decor and personal items, and a variety of cookbooks.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, simply ask your Midland Fund Raising Representative for more information and we can customize our programs for your organization. We are here to make your fundraising programs effortless! Click on any of our fund raising catalog covers to view contents.

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Top Sport Team Fundraising Ideas!

Here are some of our top sports team fundraisers! These are versatile fundraisers that are great for any sports team. Your players will feel proud to raise money for their sports team with these fundraisers. Earn up to 90% profit for your team!

  • $10.00 Value Card Fundraiser
  • Customize these fundraising value cards with your organizations slogan or colors. Offer your customers discounts with these value cards while your organization makes up to 98% profit.

  • Pizza Card Fundraiser
  • $5.00 discount cards makes this pizza card fundraiser irresistible! Your team will have a lot of success with this fundraiser!

  • Midland Snack Cans Fundraiser
  • A low fat snack and a collectable canister make these snack cans an easy sell. Make up to 50% profit for your team! There are canister design options for specific sports teams.

  • $12.00 Bonus Card
  • Learn more about our bonus cards for your sports teams next fundraiser now!

  • T-shirt Fundraiser
  • This is a fun and original fundraiser! Customized t-shirts with you sport teams logo/message. A great fundraiser that your community will love. Everyone can be part of the team with this fundraiser.

  • Hershey’s Candy Bar Fundraiser
  • Offer these favorites to your customers. They will be saving a trip to the convenient store while helping out your sports team! At $1.50 a bar your sports organization has the opportunity to make a 65% profit!

  • Beef Sticks Fundraiser
  • Quality beef jerky with Jack Link’s. This is a low fat high protein snack that your customers will enjoy! Your organization can make up to 55% profit with this fundraiser.

Let us help you decide which style fundraiser will work best for your group or organization!

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